Diet for urolithiasis

Diet for urolithiasis plays an extremely important
role. The formation of a diet should be carried out by the attending physician, depending on
what composition of stones the analyzes show and what exactly are the root causes of the
disease. A diet for urolithiasis should exclude from the diet those
foods that can provoke the growth or formation of new
deposits. The stones that form in the urinary organs are divided into
two groups – these are stones of an alkaline and acidic nature.

Stones that are alkaline require additional
acid. For this reason, you should limit the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and
exclude dairy products from the diet altogether. Conversely, meat, fish,
flour foods and vegetable oils should form the basis of the diet, as they
provide additional acid. It is not recommended to abuse drinks.

If stones are acidic in nature, then it is better to refrain from
such food products as liver, kidneys, meat broths. Quite often,
patients are advised to consume lemon juice , which contains a large
amount of citrates. But grapefruit juice is not recommended.

Also, a diet for urolithiasis has a number of general
recommendations, regardless of the nature of the stones. The volume of liquid must
be at least two liters per day. In the summer, it increases even more.
Various diuretic decoctions should be taken daily.
Overeating is contraindicated . You should carefully monitor your diet and be sure to avoid fatty and salty foods. Diet for urolithiasis is not compatible with the use of alcoholic beverages. 

Also, general recommendations for a person are a change in
lifestyle. Physical activity should be increased, especially if work
or in general the lifestyle was sedentary. However, this should be done very
carefully, excessive loads will only damage the general condition.
Emotional stressful situations should also be avoided. You must not overcool the body,
especially in the warmth should be the lower back. If there are any abnormalities in
well-being, problems in the lumbar region, you should immediately consult a doctor.

A diet for urolithiasis may not
be necessary at all if you follow a number of simple recommendations that will help
prevent this unpleasant disease. You should not overeat and try to eat right if possible . It is better to limit consumption of fatty, fried, spicy and salty foods . You should use more water, but it is pure ordinary water, and not mineral or any drinks. 

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