Diet for the skin

For cleansing and healing the skin, a skin diet is ideal, aimed at healing and cleansing the whole body. The diet for the skin consists of various vegetables and fruits, rich in fiber, and low in fat. A skin-friendly diet, among other things, minimizes sugar and salt intake. A diet for the skin supplies the body with vitamins, minerals required for the normal functioning of the entire body.

To keep the skin in perfect condition requires ingredients such as:

– pure water. Food, of course, all somehow contains water, but daily in addition to this, you should consume at least 2 liters of water. This amount of water cleanses the skin and heals the body.  

– carbohydrates, which are contained in fiber. They have a beneficial effect on the state of the body and the appearance of the skin. Carbohydrates serve as normalizers for the correct, well-coordinated work of all body systems.

– vitamins of group A, like air, are necessary for the normal development and regeneration of skin tissues. Deficiency of vitamin A leads to the fact that the skin begins to peel off, itch, become covered with red spots, and lose elasticity. Vitamin A is found in abundance in carrots and apricots, broccoli and spinach.

– Vitamin C is required for the release of collagen in the layers of the skin, which makes the skin elastic. Vitamin C is found in strawberries and citrus fruits, bell peppers and tomatoes.

– Vitamin E belongs to the group of oxidizing vitamins that prevent the spread of free radicals that cause the aging process in the skin tissues. Vitamin E is found in nuts and wheat germ.

– zinc compounds together with vitamin A promote the release of collagen and elastin – make the skin smooth and elastic.

The skin diet does not exclude a single food item from the daily diet, although some are restricted. It is worth limiting the consumption of sweet and fatty foods, too molten and spicy, and, in addition, canned food and semi-finished products.

When deciding to stick to a strict diet in order to lose a few pounds, you should always remember that unbalanced or poor nutrition will certainly affect the condition of the skin. Foods that are too low in fat should not be consumed more than 14 days in a row. If you continue to restrict yourself, then the body will lose the most important nutrients, and their lack will affect the functioning of the body’s systems and the condition of the skin.

In order to maintain an attractive appearance and beauty of the skin, it is necessary to eat the same things that are useful for the whole body: proteins and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates must necessarily enter the body every day.

The diet for the skin is, first of all, fresh vegetables and fruits. Whatever the time of the year, they should always be present in the diet.

The “fruit and vegetable” unit is:

– Pear or apple, orange or grapefruit, one banana.

– 2 tablespoons of unprocessed vegetables (can be eaten in salad).

– 2 plums or 1 peach, 2 apricots.

– 1 slice of melon, watermelon or pineapple.

– a glass of any berries for the season.

– 1 tomato or 1 cucumber, 1 carrot or 3 fresh lettuce leaves.

– a small handful of any dried fruit.

– a glass of freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice.

– 3 tablespoons of any fruit salad.

– 1 bunch of greens.

– 3 tablespoons of any stewed vegetables.

The ideal diet for the skin is to eat five servings of these units daily in a sensible combination. In other words, if you eat a tomato, banana, stewed zucchini, a bunch of fresh herbs, a handful of nuts, a handful of dried fruits every day, drink a glass of fruit juice and a glass of vegetable juice – you can be sure that your skin will be just great.

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