Diet for the New Year

There is not much time left before the New Year, and there is still much to be done. For example, put yourself in order. Many women, by their own example, know how difficult it is to combine the responsibilities of the hostess of the house in which the celebration will take place, and the conduct of events to promote their own beauty. Meanwhile, even that week with a little is enough to look great, fresh and young on the New Year’s holiday.

A diet for the New Year will help in this difficult matter. A diet for the New Year will allow you to achieve several positive effects in just a week. Firstly, the diet for the New Year will make it possible to tighten the figure, since the weight will be slightly adjusted in a week. Secondly, the diet for the New Year will normalize the condition of the skin and hair, as it includes foods rich in all the necessary nutrients. Thirdly, the diet for the New Year will give a chance to gain strength and vigor before the long New Year’s Eve.

Who, if not famous women, know a lot about correct and effective diets. For this reason, their recommendations are worth referring to.

Diet for the New Year from the pop diva Madonna

Everyone knows that the singer treats everything she eats with the utmost severity and thoroughness. All meals are reviewed by a celebrity nutritionist. Due to such strict rules, the star does not eat food if it was not prepared by herself and not by her personal chef. Madonna’s dietary food base is traditional Japanese cuisine.

The foods allowed by this diet are fruits and vegetables, long rice and sesame seeds, soy noodle soup, meatless seaweed sushi. The Pop Queen’s dietary principles deny the consumption of all meat products and in principle all animal food products, milk and dairy products, eggs and sugar, coffee and alcohol, all processed or refined foods, all artificially created foods.

In other words, little is allowed, but the effect of such a diet is on the face.

Diet for the New Year from supermodel Heidi Klum

The famous model and mother of four children looks just stunning. Regular workouts and, of course, dietary nutrition help her keep fit. Heidi is a fan of healthy eating principles. Her cleansing diet allows you to lose about three kilograms per week and is ideal for preparing for the New Year.

Day 1 – white cabbage soup, raw vegetables in any quantity, a jar of low-fat kefir or yogurt.

Day 2 – similar to the first.

Day 3 – broccoli soup and fresh fruit in any quantity.

Day 4 – cauliflower soup and one portion of boiled white chicken.

Day 5 – white cabbage soup and a portion of lean boiled veal.

Day 6 – white cabbage soup, raw vegetables in any quantity, half a pack of low-fat cottage cheese.

Day 7 – white cabbage soup, raw fruits and vegetables, a glass of low-fat kefir.

Such a diet for the New Year gives a feeling of lightness and a toned figure, especially in combination with exercise.

Rice nine-day diet for the New Year

On the first, second and third day, only rice is allowed, which must be cooked in a special way. In the evening on the eve of the diet, you need to soak a glass of rice in cold water, in the morning, put the rice in hot water and boil for fifteen minutes. Every morning starts with a glass of rice. Leftover rice should be eaten in equal portions throughout the day .

The fourth, fifth and sixth are chicken days. Peel a kilogram of white chicken meat from the skin and scrape out all the fat. Boil without adding salt. Eat a pound of chicken throughout the day.

The last three days – vegetables, raw and boiled. It is forbidden to eat pickles and pickles. You can cook salads from vegetables. Do not use salt and sugar.

During each day of this diet, you must drink at least two liters of liquid – mineral water without gas or green tea.

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