Diet for the heart

The heart is the engine for the human body. It works
for wear and tear, an organ that never stops. A person, more often than not, does not
think about the fact that his engine needs good fuel. After all, the heart
suffers to the last. Diet for the heart is very important. This problem
is especially acute when there are any pathologies. Various cardiac
diseases greatly undermine the state of the body. It is worth considering, because
when a person has a fever or some other malaise, he takes a weekend
at work and gives himself a rest. You can remember that when you spend on your feet all the
time of the illness, then it proceeds much more severely, and often gives multiple
complications. The heart, even during illness, is forced to work at the same pace
as usual; it has no other choice.

The Heart Diet does not contain a set of specific recipes, and
a meal schedule. The heart diet has a number of general guidelines that will make it easier for the heart

The first important item is fats. Doctors recommend
limiting all fat intake. They have a detrimental effect on the work of the heart
muscle. Products such as butter and margarine should be kept to a minimum. They
contain a fairly large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Sunflower and other types of vegetable oils should also be used very
carefully. Foods such as lard and coconut oil, ghee and hydrogenated oils should be completely removed from the diet . Frying food should be avoided, as the oil and fat resulting from such processing have extremely harmful properties. 

The second very important point in diet is
meat. Lean meat such as chicken, turkey,
veal, rabbit, game is recommended for consumption . It does not put additional stress on the heart. You
just need to be careful about lean beef, ham, liver and kidneys.
Fatty meats, lamb, pork, bacon, pate, duck and goose should be
completely eliminated from the diet.

Next comes dairy products. Low
fat cheeses, low fat kefir, milk and egg whites are allowed in
unlimited quantities. Semi-fat cheeses should be eaten with care. Whole
eggs are not more than two pieces per week. Condensed, concentrated milk, cream,
fatty and creamy cheeses, kefir are not recommended for use. 

All fish with white
meat, such as cod, walker, flounder, are very useful for the heart muscle . Fatty fish such as mackerel,
sardines, tuna, and the salmon family are also beneficial. The use of shellfish,
crustaceans and fried fish should be limited, and fish caviar is generally contraindicated.

Absolutely all fresh and frozen
vegetables, fruits and berries are very useful for the body . Dried legumes such as peas, beans, or lentils.
Any types of boiled potatoes have a beneficial effect on the work of the heart,
and potato skins should also not be neglected. Almonds and hazelnuts should be
consumed with care, while walnuts and chestnuts are very beneficial.
Fried and stewed potatoes, chips should be excluded from the diet.

 You should also remove
everything sweet, flour and spicy from the diet. Diet for the heart includes tea,
coffee, mineral water and other unsweetened drinks, low alcoholic beer will also
do no harm, unless, of course, it is overused. Liquid chocolate, sugary
drinks, meat soups, and alcohol should be sparingly consumed. Herbs, spices, lemon
and yogurt are good for the heart, while mayonnaise, cream, vinegar, and soy sauce are best

It is not difficult to adhere to such recommendations. They will help to
facilitate the work of the cervical muscle and remove unnecessary stress from it.      

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