Diet for 5 days

Keeping your body in top shape is not an easy task. Not everyone’s metabolism allows you to maintain a slender, fit silhouette without any effort. However, visiting a fitness club sometimes either does not have enough time or energy, and situations when there is a celebration on the nose and you need to urgently put yourself in order happen quite regularly. The 5-day diet was designed for just such a case – when the deadlines are tight and you need a quick effect. The diet is very limited and cannot be used regularly. After the end of the diet, it is best to maintain a low-calorie diet, otherwise a quick return of lost weight cannot be avoided.

The diet for 5 days does not imply a varied menu and recommends the following routine: at 10.00 a cup of coffee, without sugar, processed cheese. At 12.00 1 tomato with 1 boiled egg and greens. At 14.00 1 apple. At 4 pm 200 grams of low-fat cottage cheese, 1 cucumber or paprika, herbs. At 20.00 1 glass of dry wine.

A 5-day diet, along with dramatic weight loss, is stressful for the body. Very often, short-term and strict diets contribute to repeated weight gain, therefore a 5-day diet, although an excellent way to reanimate the appearance in a short time, is still not effective. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and appearance, it is best to organize a proper diet. Various low-carb diets can help with this, which involve not only losing excess weight, but also restoring the body. The main goal of low-carb diets is to reduce carbohydrate intake and, as a result, lower blood sugar levels. The body is forced to block excess glucose with the help of insulin produced by the pancreas. An excess of sugar in the blood has a devastating effect on the body, and its excess contributes to weight gain. Low-carb diets are used not only for the purpose of weight loss, but also in the formation of the diet of people with diabetes.

Low-carb diets are also designed for vegetarians. By limiting the consumption of carbohydrates only, the diet of such a diet does not limit the choice of dishes, and the only exceptions are foods containing a large amount of starch, which allows the diet to be too expensive. As such, the diet is focused on developing a healthy and healthy eating habits that should last a lifetime. 

However, neither express nor long-term diets work well without exercise. Exercise not only speeds up the fat burning process, but also tightens the skin that is losing tone as a result of weight loss. The slenderness of the silhouette is improved, the muscles are strengthened. Physical activity also improves mood, and the results achieved increase self-esteem. The choice of classes today is so diverse that it is sometimes difficult to determine what one would like to do: this is active shaping, and less intense yoga, and modern dances, as well as various strip aerobics classes . For those who like to exercise at home, or those who have no time at all to visit the fitness club, there is a large selection of various video courses and books.

Getting started with your body is not as easy as it seems. This requires an appropriate attitude and victory over your own laziness. And in order to achieve results, you need to pay attention to physical exercises at least 2 times a week and 1-1.5 hours each, and the visible result does not appear earlier than in a month. But do not despair – a toned belly and graceful hips will be worth all the effort.

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