Diet food

Dietary foods have become more and more popular in recent years. Many modern people are interested in diets, in this regard, the problem of choosing dietary foods becomes relevant.

Dietary foods are special foods that, in fact, are intended for the diet of people suffering from any disease. All existing dietary foods can be divided into two main categories.

The first category of dietary food products is intended for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases and after surgery during the rehabilitation period. Dietary foods from the first category should be quickly crushed easily, include in their composition extremely little coarse vegetable fiber and table salt. Such food products include finely ground cereal flour – rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, dry concentrated mixtures for dissolving in water, which are of high energy value, homogenized canning of vegetables and fruits, fish, poultry and meat. Before cooking, such products are thoroughly cleaned of inedible elements.

Dietary foods belonging to the second category are intended for nutrition in case of a metabolic disorder. Such food products include fatty acids, carbohydrates and sugars, and salt in a substantially limited concentration. At the same time, they should contain as many mineral compounds and vitamins as possible. Such dietary foods should include dietary bakery products, low-carbohydrate bread, low-protein pasta, fermented milk products, natural butter, grated fruit purees, jelly and compotes.

In the process of preparing dietary foods, much attention is paid to the varieties of products, their quality characteristics and methods of preparation. For example, to reduce the loss of beneficial compounds found in diet foods, it is recommended to cook them in a steam bath. When cooking food, protein compounds come out of them in large quantities. In addition, you can choose baking in the oven and stewing as a cooking method – dietary foods prepared in these ways are distinguished by excellent taste.

Fermented milk products are perfect for following dietary principles of nutrition, they have a positive effect on the intestines, and normalize the digestive process. You need to know that, for example, kefir or yogurt, fermented baked milk or varenets are absorbed much faster than milk. Low-fat cottage cheese is rightfully considered the most useful dietary fermented milk product, which removes excess fluid from the body and restores metabolic processes.

Dietary foods of protein origin are milk, meat and fish. It is very useful if in the diet fish and meat are combined in one dish with stewed or raw vegetables. The body assimilates fish much faster and easier, to which a side dish of rice is perfect.

Excellent sources of natural antioxidants are apples and green tea. Apples, among other things, have an antimicrobial property, since their peel includes phytochemicals in its composition . High-quality natural tea normalizes digestion and invigorates.

The use of dietary products in the diet is not only an effective prevention of many diseases, but also allows you to lose weight. However, before using these products, you should consult a specialist.

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