Cucumber benefits and harm to the body

Cucumbers, which we love to eat fresh and pickled, are not actually vegetables. These are representatives of the pumpkin family and they are even called false berries. But regardless of this, cucumbers are very useful.

Cucumber composition, calories, vitamins and minerals

This vegetable can rightfully be attributed to a dietary product; its calorie content is no more than 15 kcal. It is perfectly absorbed by the body and goes well with meat dishes. These fruits are 98% water, so they perfectly quench thirst and stimulate the body’s purification process.

Cucumbers are very low in carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Contains a small amount of B vitamins, vitamin E and PP. But the vegetable is rich in potassium content, which has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the kidneys and heart muscle. There are a lot of iodine, iron, fluorine, molybdenum and other minerals in cucumbers.

Useful properties of cucumbers

The main benefit of eating cucumbers is maintaining the water balance in the body. Only a watermelon can boast of such an amount of liquid in fruits. Potassium contained in the vegetable helps to absorb this fluid in the body.

The benefits of cucumbers for women

Cucumbers can really help you lose weight. After all, they are low in calories, but they saturate quickly. The vegetable helps to relieve swelling and is an effective remedy for the development of urolithiasis.

If a woman consumes cucumbers on a regular basis, then she does not need to worry about the freshness and youthfulness of her skin. Thanks to the vegetable, the skin will always be in excellent condition.

The benefits of cucumbers for men

For the strong half of humanity, cucumbers are primarily a tonic and restorative product. And in combination with carrots, cucumber will help to cope with gout.

The vegetable helps to cope with alopecia, as it saturates the hair follicles with nutrients.

The use of cucumbers during pregnancy

While waiting for the baby, cucumbers will be very useful for mom and baby. After all, they restore the water-salt balance in the body and are only beneficial. The vegetable helps to eliminate the dysfunction of the stomach, which often occurs during the period of bearing a child. Cucumbers have a mild laxative effect and are a preventive measure against the development of hemorrhoids.

There is a lot of controversy about the benefits of pickled cucumbers. After all, such a dish contains a lot of salt and provokes an increase in appetite. And this is the risk of gaining extra pounds. It is also possible, after eating this dish, the appearance of edema.

Is it possible for children to eat cucumbers

Despite the enormous benefits of cucumbers for the human body, pediatricians are categorically opposed to introducing them into the diet of children before the onset of 1 year, and some even talk about 3 years. It is this vegetable that often causes allergies and colic. It causes increased gas formation. Until one year old, all the enzymes that can digest many foods, including cucumbers, have not yet formed in the baby’s stomach.

Another danger is nitrates. Today it is quite difficult to find vegetables that are grown according to all ecological rules.

You can start complementary foods from 5-10 g. You can gradually increase the dose, but monitor the reaction of the baby’s body. Do not give your child unpeeled fruits from the skin. For the first feeding, mashed vegetables are ideal.

Are cucumbers good for weight loss?

Many experts in the field of nutrition recommend including cucumbers in the diet for people who want to lose weight. With a low calorie content of the product, it is a supplier of nutrients and vitamins, which are so important with poor nutrition.

There is even a cucumber diet that lasts 5 days. At this time, except for cucumbers, you can not eat anything else. Although nutritionists are categorically against such mono-diets , because this is a huge stress for the body. And if after the diet you start eating the same way as before, then all the weight will return and even new fat will appear.

cucumbers for diabetes

Due to the low glycemic index, cucumber can be introduced into the diet of diabetics. The vegetable stimulates the digestive tract, cleanses the body, removes toxins.

Cucumbers contain a lot of iodine, so regular use of this product allows you to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland, which is important for diabetics. Magnesium and potassium protect the cardiovascular system.

The use of cucumbers for medicinal purposes

As a preventive measure against obesity, it is recommended to do fasting days on cucumbers. For this, only cucumbers and water can be consumed throughout the day. It is allowed to slightly salt the cucumbers.

In the treatment of jaundice and kidney disease, it is recommended to drink half a glass of cucumber juice on an empty stomach.

To combat constipation, it is recommended to use cucumbers on an ongoing basis, but with honey. A glass of brine, which must be drunk daily on an empty stomach, will also help to cope with the problem.

During the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, in addition to the main therapeutic course, it is recommended to use dried cucumber seeds.

The use of cucumber in cosmetology

In the presence of acne, it is recommended to wipe the face 2-3 times a day with cucumber juice. The main thing is to squeeze it out every day and use it fresh. This tool will also help remove freckles and even out skin tone. The peel of the vegetable also copes well with these problems.

If you mix the pulp of a cucumber and an apple, you get a mask for oily skin. It must be done at least 2 times a week.

To smooth out wrinkles, lemon juice is mixed with cucumber juice in a ratio of 1: 2 and this mixture is applied daily with sour cream. You can add egg yolk to the mask. The effect of this method will not be long in coming, after 2 weeks you can feel the real result and reduce the number of wrinkles.

Benefits of cucumber juice

Vegetable juice will help to cope with heart disease. Sodium and calcium, which are rich in juice, will help lower blood pressure and remove excess fluid.

Juice helps to get rid of stomach cramps and is very useful in the presence of liver disease.

And if persistent constipation is observed, then daily drinking a glass of juice will get rid of this problem. If constipation is a temporary phenomenon, then only 100 g on an empty stomach will suffice. If you mix cucumber and carrot juice, you can get rid of heartburn.

Always remember that the juice cannot be stored, it is squeezed out and consumed immediately inside.

How much can you eat per day

Permissible portion per day up to 300 g. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of salt.

Cucumber harm and contraindications

You should always remember that cucumbers increase the acidity of the stomach, so if you have such a problem, you should limit the consumption of these vegetables. It is not recommended to get involved in them in the presence of ulcers and gastritis.

How to choose and store

Cucumbers should be purchased with a dense peel, firm and without dents. If the peel has a shine, then nitrates were used when growing the vegetable. The fruits should not be yellow, this is already a sign of overripeness. There are few benefits from such vegetables, and the taste is not so pleasant.

Cucumbers must be stored in the refrigerator. The maximum possible storage time is 2 weeks.

Cucumbers are great helpers for the human body. They contain a large number of useful elements, so they must be present on the table of every person in the summer.

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