Coffee diet

The coffee diet is based on the ability of coffee beans to suppress hunger and activate metabolic processes. Coffee promotes activity, both physical and mental, improving the ability to concentrate.

The coffee diet has a cleansing effect – it removes harmful free radicals from the systems and organs of the body. In addition, coffee frees the body from excess fluid due to its diuretic effect. And fresh aromatic coffee raises the mood like no other means.

The coffee diet is pretty strict. People under 20 and over 37 are better off not taking risks. In addition, the coffee diet is prohibited for people suffering from high blood pressure, diseases of the digestive tract. Another feature is that when sitting on a coffee diet, sports are prohibited.

And one more thing – if a person, in principle, does not like and does not drink coffee, then it will be extremely difficult, uncomfortable and harmful for him to stay on a coffee diet.

If several cups of coffee a day have become a habit for a long time, then a coffee diet may work, but it must be followed very carefully. In the process of following a coffee diet, you must carefully monitor your condition. In case of any deviations from the norm, you must immediately interrupt the diet.

The coffee diet lasts three days. If you suspect that such a diet will not work, you can set aside one day a month for a fasting day for coffee.

Three days of a coffee diet can help you lose up to four kilograms of weight.

Coffee diet – menu

During these three days, you must eat only dark chocolate and drink only coffee.

Coffee must be in beans. It is best if it has just been ground. Diet coffee is prepared without added sugar or milk. But you can add cinnamon or other spices to coffee. For a diet, about seven cups of coffee are enough daily.

It is not allowed to drink several cups of coffee one after the other. The optimal interval between cups should be at least two hours. In the evening, it is advisable to drink coffee no later than seven o’clock. Otherwise, it will be difficult to fall asleep. After a cup of coffee, it is advisable to rinse your mouth, if possible, it is best to brush your teeth.

The coffee diet involves eating only dark bitter chocolate. It is best to buy Swiss chocolate, if funds do not allow, then you can get by with Russian-made chocolate. There should be no artificial ingredients in the chocolate. You can eat chocolate as an independent “dish”, or you can drink coffee.

Chocolate and coffee contribute to the elimination of excess fluid from the body, so drinking water on a diet is not only possible, but also necessary. But without strong thirst, you should not pour it into the body. It is best to drink non-carbonated mineral water.

Natural coffee for a coffee diet

You can use coffee beans from different manufacturers. This way you can find your favorite coffee.

As already mentioned, any black coffee brewed in a coffee machine or in a turk on gas is suitable for a coffee diet.

Frankly speaking, coffee machines are not available to everyone, so it is worth learning how to make coffee in a Turk. First you need to pour water into the Turk and boil it. In traditional coffee preparation, sugar is added at this stage, but we are on a diet, so sugar is prohibited.

Ground coffee is poured into boiling water. Brew with constant stirring. When foam starts to appear over the coffee surface, you can add spices. Then you need to reheat the coffee, again stirring. When foam forms, turn off the gas and remove the Turk from the stove. Let the coffee stand for a while, pour into a cup and you can drink.

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