Citrus diet

Citrus fruits are natural sources of almost all vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain health and beauty. Most citrus fruits contain iron and copper.

Without exception, citrus fruits are excellent antioxidants, due to which they have a rejuvenating effect on the body.

Fresh juices of some citrus fruits, such as orange or grapefruit, best quench your thirst during a fever and allow you to recover faster. The peculiarity of citruses is that they increase appetite, but contribute to the active processing of fats.

Another valuable property of citrus, due to the content of antioxidants in them, is the neutralization of the harmful effects of free radicals. Under the influence of the latter, all aging processes in the body begin to proceed faster. Nutritionists appreciate citruses for the optimal combination of trace elements such as potassium and sodium.

Other beneficial substances are also included in the juice of citrus fruits and their pulp. Numerous studies of compounds actively affecting the human body are currently underway. Meanwhile, some useful properties are already known to science. For example, specific compounds of limonoids, as the study showed, halted the development of cancer cells much more than, for example, some drugs used to combat breast cancer. According to scientists, limonoids can inhibit the development of other types of cancer. In addition, it is these compounds of plant origin that prevent diseases of a neurological nature, the cardiovascular system, and support the condition of the eye lens.

In connection with all of the above, we can conclude that the citrus diet is very useful for the body.

The scheme of a citrus diet involves a three-week diet according to certain rules.

The citrus diet menu has no such thing as breakfast, lunch or dinner. The menu simply lists all the products that you need to eat within one day. Everyone can combine these products as they like.

Citrus Diet – First Week

During the first week of this dietary scheme, it is allowed to eat two hard-boiled eggs, two liters of still mineral water, a kilogram of fresh and ripe tangerines, oranges or grapefruits daily. Of course, this menu shows that the citrus diet is strict, but there is something to try. The main thing is to ensure that such a significant amount of citrus fruits does not lead to the development of allergies.

Citrus Diet – Week Two

During the second week of this diet should also be consumed daily from half to one kilogram of citrus fruits and drink two liters of mineral still water. You can sometimes pamper yourself with buckwheat porridge. By the way, buckwheat can be eaten as much as you like. The second week of the diet is easier than the first.

Citrus Diet – Third Week

The third week of the citrus diet, as those who have tried it, is just as difficult and complicated as the first. But it’s worth repeating again, beauty requires sacrifice, and health is no exception. At the 3rd week of the diet, you can eat a kilogram of oranges or tangerines daily, adding to this any fruits and vegetables fresh and boiled.

Estimated Citrus Diet:

The first week – a kilogram of citrus fruits, 2 boiled chicken eggs, mineral still water;

The second week – a kilogram of citruses, porridge without salt, sugar and milk, mineral still water;

The third week – a kilogram of citrus fruits, any vegetables and fruits.

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