Chocolate Diet

Are there people on earth who don’t like chocolate? Probably there are, but there are few of them. But there are those who want to become slimmer ??? There are, of course, many of them, especially women. It is for them who want to part with excess weight, and who cannot imagine life without chocolate, came up with a chocolate diet – the most delicious of diets.

A bit about chocolate

A drink from cocoa beans was drunk by the Mayan tribes. Columbus brought him to Europe, and for a long time the Spaniards kept the recipe for making cocoa a secret. But, all the secret someday becomes apparent – many people in European countries have learned the taste of chocolate.

In addition to the excellent taste, in the composition of chocolate you can find a large number of healthy trace elements, flavonoids, the hormone of happiness serotonin, and the antidepressant phenylethylamine. By the amount of antioxidants, this delicacy is ahead of dry red wine, improving the circulatory system, providing protection against free radicals, preventing the appearance of malignant cancerous tumors.

Swiss scientists have proved the ability of dark chocolate to “inhibit” the development of vascular and heart diseases, prevent loss of elasticity of blood vessels, prevent narrowing of arteries, improve the blood circulation process and exclude the possibility of blood clots. It was found that one bar of chocolate eaten per week has a rejuvenating effect on the body and prolongs life. This is possible due to the content of catechins-antioxidants in the product.

Lose Weight With Chocolate

The name, ” chocolate diet ” suggests that eating chocolate can say goodbye to extra pounds. But, this diet is very strict: it is allowed to eat one chocolate bar per day weighing no more than one hundred grams. And that’s it. However, the result is staggering – minus seven kilograms.

Skeptics say that this is not weight loss, but leaving the body of excess fluid, because during the week the use of salt will be completely excluded.

Chocolate diets

· Mono-diet . This method of losing weight includes in the daily diet: one bar of chocolate weighing 100 grams, ground black coffee, skim milk, non-carbonated mineral water. The tile is divided into four parts and is eaten during the day. Each chocolate drink is washed down with a cup of unsweetened coffee with milk. Water intake is allowed two hours after a meal.

· Italian diet with chocolate . This type of diet is more gentle, in addition to the main ingredient, it includes additional products. These are: salads from fresh vegetables; durum wheat pasta; some white poultry meat; hard cheese; unsweetened fruits and berries. The essence of the diet: between meals, you need to eat 30 grams of dark chocolate.

Within seven days, the weight is reduced by three kilograms. With this diet, adipose tissue “leaves” more slowly, gradually, which allows you to maintain the elasticity of body shapes – it is advisable to exercise.

Repetition of the “Italian” diet is allowed after a week.

The pros of the “chocolate diet”

· Short term – an impressive result.

· Brain function is activated.

· Increases immunity.

· The diet is good for those who do not think the day to live without chocolate.

· The presence of antioxidants in chocolate prevents aging.

Before starting a diet, consultation with a dietitian is required.

Cons of a Chocolate Diet



· Heart disease.


Malfunctions in the liver, pancreas.

· The presence of stones in the gall bladder.


Of course, the “chocolate” diet is very tasty and effective. Although, someone chooses active sports. Everyone decides for himself. Good luck.  

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