Celebrity diet advice is a lie

Many women, in an effort to lose weight and get in shape, pay attention to the advice of celebrities regarding diets and diet. Meanwhile, doctors urge people to be careful to follow all the advice they hear, since many celebrities, using their “star” status, openly lie in their recommendations.

According to American nutritionists, the most severe violations are noted in the advice of Hollywood actress Megan Fox. Megan advertises her beauty recipe literally on every corner – the use of apple cider vinegar. According to her, vinegar reduces body weight, cleanses the intestines. At the same time, Megan emphasizes that she does not have enough willpower for regular exercise, and it is just vinegar that helps keep in shape. This is what pushes many women, who have no idea about the dire consequences of the use of vinegar, to use it as the basis of a diet. 

Scientists and doctors note that the assurances of celebrities about how you can get rid of excess weight without spending energy and effort are a lie, since not a single “magic” means for losing weight without classes has yet been developed in the world, provided that what a person will eat as much and what he wants. The human body, experts say, is a mechanism debugged by mother nature herself, and any gross interference with this mechanism is fraught with malfunctions in its work.

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