Cashew nuts benefits and harm to the body and its use

Cashew is an evergreen plant that grows in warm countries. Brazil is considered the birthplace of the tree, but now it is cultivated in many countries: in Nigeria, Colombia, Venezuela, the Philippines and other countries.

In fact, nerds are more inclined to refer to cashews as apples. One part of the fruit is juicy, fleshy and large. Above the top of this apple is located directly the nut, placed in a dense shell. The apples themselves are used to make sweet dishes. And the hard part of the fruit is used as nuts, which perfectly tolerate transportation, so they can be bought anywhere in the world.

Cashew nuts. Composition and caloric content, vitamins and minerals

The calorie content of these nuts is at a very high level and amounts to as much as 555 units. These fruits contain many vitamins: C, B1 and B2, A, E, PP. There are a lot of trace elements such as phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron and magnesium. There are unsaturated fatty acids, there are proteins and carbohydrates, proteins and other useful substances for the human body.

Benefits of cashew nuts

The value of nuts was especially appreciated by dentists around the world. Scientists from Japan managed to find in cashews a substance that prevents the development of caries, or rather, an element that destroys harmful microorganisms. Useful nuts will be in the presence of toothache and inflammation of the gums.

Nuts are widely used to solve skin problems. They will be useful in the fight against psoriasis, eczema. They are used to improve metabolic processes. Cashews help to strengthen the immune system, normalize blood glucose levels and help to cope with infectious diseases.

Nuts practically do not cause an allergic reaction in anyone. Useful in dietary nutrition, as a means to gain weight.

Nuts contain proanthocyanidin , which helps to suppress the growth of tumors. And this is a real chance to prevent the appearance of cancer.

The peoples of African countries use cashew shells as an antidote for snake bites.

Cashew Benefits for Women

Nuts have a positive effect on reproductive function, therefore, with their regular use, the chance of conceiving a child increases. They help reduce the risk of gynecological problems.

With the help of cashews, you can adjust the menstrual cycle. They reduce discomfort and eliminate the symptoms of the premenstrual cycle.

Nuts are a natural aphrodisiac, therefore they are recommended for consumption by men and women.

Cashews help rejuvenate the skin, saturate the skin with useful substances, relieve wrinkles and have a rejuvenating effect.

Unsaturated fats keep the body in good shape and prevent colds. Helps to normalize the nervous system. Cashew stimulates the healing of wounds and erosions.

Cashew during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Cashews are recommended for both pregnant and lactating women. They allow you to forget that beriberi or anemia may appear. Nuts will help you forget about constipation.

A baby that develops in the mother’s body or receives breast milk will also receive many useful substances. Children whose mothers consumed nuts will have excellent immunity.

The benefits of cashew nuts for men

Nuts have a high content of vitamin E, so cashews are an aphrodisiac, which allows not only to increase sexual desire, but also to improve reproductive function.

Nuts prevent hormonal disruptions. They do not allow the formation of subcutaneous fat, which, in turn, does not allow testosterone to be produced.

Men who eat nuts will never face the problem of hair loss. They will always have shiny and beautiful hair.

Is it possible for children to cashew

For children, cashews are also useful. But the main thing is to observe the dosage. An increased amount of nuts will adversely affect the child’s body. You should not introduce nuts into the diet before the child reaches 3 years of age.

In adolescence, nuts will help get rid of acne. They contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes, thereby eliminating dermatological defects.

Nuts have a positive effect on brain function. They stimulate neural connections. And this is important during the development of a young organism.

Is cashew good for weight loss

Nuts are suitable for dietary nutrition, as they quickly saturate. However, in order not to achieve the opposite effect, they can be consumed in small quantities, or rather, in a volume not exceeding 30 grams, which is about 10 fruits.

Cashews will help you cope with depression and fall asleep faster. And such problems often arise during dieting.

cashew for diabetes

Due to the presence of vitamin PP and B, nuts are useful for the body of a diabetic. These elements contribute to the absorption of glucose. And this is very important in such a serious illness. Nuts can be consumed as a separate dish, or can be added to dishes.

Nuts are recommended as a prophylactic against the development of diabetes. The fact is that recent studies have shown that with regular use, nuts reduce biomarkers that provoke the onset of the disease.

The use of cashews in cosmetology

As a rule, the nuts themselves are not used for cosmetic purposes. To do this, butter is made from nuts. It is suitable not only for improving the structure of the skin, but also for relieving pain.

Oil allows you to rejuvenate the skin and tighten. It is very easy to use it. Cotton swabs are soaked in oil and applied to problem areas for 20 minutes. The procedure is recommended to be done in the morning and in the evening until the problem is completely eliminated.

If you mix cashew oil and rose oil, you can protect the skin from the negative effects of climate, that is, before going out into the cold, apply the mixture on the face and skin of the hands. If you add oil to your daily cream, you can achieve a whitening effect.

Cashew essential oil is used as an enriching agent for shampoos. It promotes rapid growth and strengthening of hair.

Harm and contraindications

Cashews have no contraindications for use. Naturally, people who have an individual intolerance to the nut will have to refuse to use it. Do not increase the recommended dose of 30 grams. A large amount of nuts in the diet can cause uncontrolled weight gain.

An interesting fact is that these nuts are hypoallergenic and generally very rarely cause allergies.

Caution is required if there is a history of gastritis or kidney stones. They can be irritating to the kidneys and gastric mucosa.

You should be aware that fresh fruits contain phenolic resin, and it is very toxic. For this reason, if you come to a country where these trees grow, do not pick the fruits and do not peel them with your hands. There is a risk that irritation and an allergic reaction will appear, up to swelling of the throat.

How to choose and store

In our stores you can find salted nuts, roasted or glazed. If you buy fresh nuts, then inspect them well, the kernels must be completely intact, without scratches. They should have a smooth surface and a light color.

For medicinal purposes, it is better to use fresh nuts. They have more nutrients. You can not eat nuts along with the shell.

Regardless of the method of processing, nuts should crunch on the teeth, have a milky taste. If they have lost their taste and are soft, then they are already damp and unsuitable for consumption. Do not buy nuts that are split into two halves. It’s already a real mess.

You can store cashews in the refrigerator. Be sure to place them in a glass container and close the lid tightly. It is unacceptable to store nuts at high temperatures, they will quickly begin to taste bitter. It is permissible to store cashews in the freezer, but not more than 12 months.

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