By obesity, as well as strict diet, are harmful to heart health. Lose weight reasonably

The cause of obesity in many people is the hope of rapid weight loss. Gradually gaining extra pounds, a person comforts himself with the thought that he can drop them very quickly at any moment, if he wants to. But years pass, the body every year accumulates 2-3 kg of weight, and a person still does not find time for himself and is overgrown with excess fat. 

Putting aside weight loss until next Monday, until the 1st of the next month, until next spring, until the next year he brings himself to such a state that, waking up one morning, he notice chest pain and slight dizziness. Obesity is a disease that necessarily sooner or later leads to an increase in cholesterol and blood sugar, which contributes to the development of hypertension, diabetes, thrombosis, impaired heart function and metabolism. Extra pounds are a heavy burden on the heart. Especially greatly increases the risk of developing heart disease, the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.  

Inattentive attitude towards oneself and one’s health becomes the cause of heart diseases. Both obesity and dramatic weight loss are bad for heart health. As a rule, a person who is overweight, set a goal – to lose 10 kg per month and sit on a rigid diet. According to the WHO recommendation, weight loss is not dangerous for women 2-3 kg per month, and for men – 3-4 kg. If you want to lose more than 4 kg per month, you must first consult a doctor.   

A sharp weight loss adversely affects the work of the heart muscle, the contractility of which is reduced and the heart copes poorly with the loads. And if a person, while observing a strict diet, also trains in the gym, this can lead to a serious malfunction of the heart. Especially dangerous is rapid weight loss for people who have a hereditary predisposition to cardiovascular disease. The older the woman, the less she needs to experiment on her body.  

After 45 years, a woman begins the age-related restructuring of the body, if she is on strict diets during this period, this will necessarily lead to prolapse of the uterus, sagging skin and muscles, impaired metabolism and heart function. When compiling a diet, one must strictly adhere to the following rule: the daily diet should be at least 1200 kcal for women and 1500 kcal for men. The body maintains a strict diet with less than 700 kcal per day without harm to health only in the first three days, and then the absorption of proteins, vitamins and minerals begins to be disturbed.  

Setting a goal to lose weight by 10 kg per month, a person is engaged in physical exercises to exhaustion and tries to eat only vegetables and fruits. Meanwhile, such nutrition does not meet the needs of the body of many people, which causes the person to become depressed and nervous during the diet, which can cause heart disease. When choosing a diet, you need to choose the one that most impresses your taste preferences.  

If you wish, you can lose weight from fatty foods, the main thing is to find that nutrition plan that matches your lifestyle, and stick to it all your life. According to medical statistics, diseases of the cardiovascular system are twice as likely to occur in people who were determined to fight overweight. Surveys of patients with cardiovascular diseases show that they lifted 5-10 kg per month several times during their life, and then their kilograms returned with a plus.  

In order not to harm your body , you need to lose weight reasonably, and for this, adhere to the following rules: 1. Do not try to lose extra pounds in large quantities in a short time. Fat breaks down slowly, it takes time. 

2. Do not take ” miracle pills ” for weight loss, with which you can lose 2-3 kg per week. There are no miracles in the world, you can only lose weight through dehydration and diarrhea, which is the effect of the pills.

3. Eat breakfast , lunch, and dinner every day , but reduce the number of servings. Count calories and burn. Eat boiled meat, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Refuse all fried. Follow a nutrition plan in which you lose 2-3 kg per month until you reach normal weight. At the same time, try to do without sharp prohibitions and changes in the diet. Love chocolate or ice cream – please, but not in large quantities and not every day. 

4. One day a week, arrange yourself an unloading day. On this day, drink more water, this will help cleanse the body of toxins. Refuse carbonated drinks, they have a lot of calories.  

5. At least three times a week engaged in sports . After losing weight, do not give up sports, but simply replace them with long distance walks. This will help maintain a normal weight and strengthen the cardiovascular system. 

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