Bittman’s vegan diet will help get rid of extra pounds

The well-known researcher Mark Bittman proposed the following nutritional scheme – during the day the strict observance of the vegan diet, and in the evening free. Bittman called his diet VB6 (“Vegan Until 6 PM”).

Consequently, vegetables can be consumed throughout the day. And after 18-00 you can treat yourself to a cheeseburger, steak or fat chocolate mousse, but in small quantities. Veganism provides an absolute ban on animal products. Thus, you can eat fruits, vegetables and cereals, rich in fiber and nutrients.

According to 63-year-old Bittman: this diet helped get rid of 15% of all body weight and warned him of impending diabetes. Within a month, he lost 6 kg, and in the following months another 11 kg. In his book, which has already become a bestseller in the United States, Bittman has collected about 60 vegan breakfast and lunch recipes.  

However, there is one “but” in this system. It is not a quick fix for those who want to lose weight. In this spirit, one must always eat. According to doctors, reduced intake of saturated fats reduces the risk of obesity, the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Although in reality, heavy food (bacon, eggs) is better to eat for breakfast. Since at the beginning of the day the human body requires a lot of strength. While for lunch and dinner you can eat vegetables.

This diet is perfect for anyone who wants to not only lose extra pounds, but also join the vegan course. This diet is very similar to vegetarian, the only difference is that vegans refuse animal products. A vegan diet involves the use of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, cereals and legumes in combination with physical activity or gymnastics.

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