Beer diet

Many people believe that a couple of mugs a day will not harm a healthy male body, but, on the contrary, will relax the body. And someone says that beer is good for women. But we forget about the main thing! Beer, along with vodka, cognac, port, is an alcoholic drink. And this drink also contains alcohol. Now everyone knows about the harmful properties of alcoholic beverages. The fact that they cause a bunch of diseases and addiction is also no secret. But what the absolute majority is wrong is that the beer diet is harmless. After all, there are not many degrees, and in order to get drunk you need to drink two liters.

People who occasionally drink beer overload the body in the same way as people who drink strong alcohol. Even in countries such as Ireland and Germany, where beer is the national drink, doctors pay special attention to this.

The beer diet is the main cause of the so-called “bovine” heart: arrhythmia, increased blood pressure. The fact that the kidneys have a huge negative effect is not even worth talking about. They are simply unable to digest such a huge amount of harmful liquid. The face takes on a characteristic appearance with “bags” under the eyes, it becomes flabby and lethargic. Under the influence of beer , toxic alcoholic dystrophy develops in the heart muscles . Which is fraught with grave consequences. 

The beer diet, oddly enough, causes obesity. Overweight occurs due to the presence of a large amount of easily digestible carbohydrates in beer. Aren’t you sucking in your beer belly yet? Initially, the intake of these carbohydrates creates the illusion of a person’s fatness, gives him a healthy look, which is why the myth appeared that beer is good for the body. But in fact, the metabolism changes irreparably, and the liver experiences negative influences. She is in constant work and after a while ceases to cope with her duties. And accordingly, as in the case of drinking spirits, all harmful toxic ingredients, along with alcohol, go directly into the bloodstream. Over time, due to the consumption of beer, the composition of the blood itself changes. 

As a result of all this, immunity is sharply reduced. The body loses its ability to resist even the most insignificant infections and bacteria. We strive to destroy the myth about the harmlessness of a small dose of beer. The habituation and resistance of the organism to the action of beer is developed very quickly. After a very short time, you will need to increase the dose more and more. Hops are used in the production of beer. It contains phytoestrogen , which is an analogue of female sex hormones. The amount that is contained even in one liter of beer is enough to have a serious impact on the hormonal background of the body.

When a man starts drinking beer, he accumulates too many female hormones, as a result of which he begins to swell, get fat, breasts begin to appear, the character becomes hysterical and hot-tempered, interest in women disappears.

In contrast to men, a woman reacts to beer in the opposite way, that is, becomes masculine with a change in voice, body and behavior. The beer diet is a very unhealthy pastime.

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