Balanced diet for the week

A balanced diet is not a dietary diet in the truest sense of the word. A balanced diet allows, without denying yourself your favorite foods, to maintain an excellent shape, if necessary, dropping a few kilograms. Moreover, a balanced diet not only helps to maintain good physical shape, but also helps the proper functioning of internal organs and systems. A balanced diet for a week, as already mentioned, does not imply the rejection of any food. A balanced diet for a week is based on the principle of limiting the amount of calories eaten.

In addition, it must be said that the products included in a balanced diet are not expensive and are prepared very quickly. Another principle of a balanced healthy diet is to eat with pleasure. The food that a person eats under compulsion is much worse absorbed by the body.

On the one hand, a balanced diet can be called a diet, but this diet is extremely delicate, allowing you to say goodbye to excess weight over a fairly long period of time. However, as proven by many nutritionists, the gradual dropping of extra pounds is a guarantee that they will gain back as slowly as they left.

Balanced diet for the week

On breakfast

A balanced diet makes it possible to choose one of the appropriate breakfasts and set the optimal time for a morning meal.

– two toasts from bran bread, one can be spread with low-fat butter, and the second with natural honey or berry jam. A glass of orange juice;

– a small rye flour bun with low-fat natural butter, one tomato;

– fruit salad of kiwi, banana and apple, seasoned with natural yogurt;

– half a glass of muesli with skimmed natural milk, one apple;

– an omelette from one chicken egg with sausages and tomato, a slice of wholemeal bread with low-fat butter;

– half a glass of bran with a tablespoon of raisins or dried apricots, a glass of warm milk;

– two rye flour loaves, a package of low-fat cottage cheese, one tomato.

For lunch

A balanced meal for lunch can be carried over from week to week.

– scrambled eggs from two chicken eggs, two tablespoons of natural milk, one sausage and three tablespoons of grated hard cheese. In addition to this, a salad of any fresh vegetables;

– fish fillet with vegetable stew, a slice of bran bread, one kiwi or orange;

– three slices of bran bread, a can of canned sardines in tomato, a salad of any fresh vegetables;

– ½ ripe avocado, three pieces of any soft fat-free cheese, such as feta. Vegetable salad of tomatoes and lettuce, dressed with two tablespoons of vegetable oil, seasoned with fresh basil and pepper. One small bran bun;

– a slice of bran bread with low-fat ham, vegetable salad with tomatoes, seasoned with spicy sauce, one apple, a glass of natural red wine;

– vegetable soup, bran bun, orange or two tangerines;

– vegetable soup with herbs, bran bun.

For dinner

– homemade noodles with turkey meat, one orange or pear;

– frozen vegetables stewed in vegetable oil with soy sauce and ½ cup long-grain rice;

– half a kilogram of stewed frozen vegetables, half a serving of pasta with tomatoes and grated hard cheese, fresh vegetable salad, one apple;

– a portion of lasagna, three apricots or plums;

– a whole bunch of frozen vegetables and mushrooms stewed in olive oil, vegetable salad, ten pieces of strawberries;

– three hundred grams of veal with sauce, spices and boiled beans, vegetable salad, a glass of natural yogurt;

– two hundred grams of sea fish fillet stewed in vegetable oil, salad with vegetables, a glass of yogurt.

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