Anti-cellulite diet

As you know, a person’s appearance largely depends on the
food that he consumes. For women
, cellulite becomes the main problem with age. In this case, a special
anti-cellulite diet is very appropriate , which is based on a rationally balanced diet. 

Anti-cellulite diet includes a number of basic rules,
adhering to which you can generally avoid the appearance of cellulite. You need
to eat raw vegetables and fruits at least three times a week. If you
eat meat or fish, you should steam them or in the oven without
using fat. Avoid cooking with oil,
fat and frying pan. Fiber-rich food helps to normalize
bowel function . This, in turn, will help to avoid slagging of the body, which
negatively affects all organs and tissues.

The anti-cellulite diet also includes restrictions on the
use of salt, as it retains fluid in the body. You should
opt for sea salt, or coarse salt, they are sources of
useful minerals. Iron-rich foods prevent the appearance of
cellulite and help to remove it more easily.

From time to time, it is necessary to cleanse the body.
This can be done by arranging fasting days for yourself. At this time, it is better to eat
only vegetables or herbs, of course, fresh, drink at least two liters of water a day and more freshly squeezed juices. 

Lack of potassium in the body leads to dry skin and
acne, so you need to make sure that the diet includes this
mineral. The anti-cellulite diet is based on four food groups: the
first group stimulates the cleansing process – these are foods rich in potassium
(pumpkin, carrots, banana), as well as vitamins C, E. The second group of foods
directs its action to prevent obesity – all vegetables and fruits.
The third group prevents slagging of the body and the appearance of constipation,
it includes all foods rich in fiber, it also helps to quickly
satisfy the feeling of hunger. The last, fourth group, are all foods
that activate the liver. The liver is the main filter of the body, and,
accordingly, it should work efficiently. Apples, pears, garlic, onions, and oatmeal are good for the liver

Cellulite is a disease, but it is not dangerous.
Many doctors say that every woman has cellulite, it is just that a
person who takes care of himself does not notice it. It
will not be possible to completely get rid of cellulite, so you can ignore people who
offer to permanently cure cellulite with the help of various expensive creams.
They usually do nothing but disappointment.
An anti-cellulite diet will help reduce the appearance of cellulite to a minimum.

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