American diet

The American diet is by far the most common diet in European countries. The main principles of the American diet can be combined and the following conclusion can be drawn that the American diet involves choosing the right foods for nutrition, not depriving the body of sufficient fluid, not eating indigestible animal fats and, finally, replenishing the deficiency of all vitamins, trace elements and nutrients required by the body …

The American diet does not strictly control calories consumed. The main thing to be guided by is subjective feelings. Meanwhile, sitting on the American diet, you should not expect a quick positive result. Such a diet makes it possible to lose weight after a fairly long time, but the weight will hold on steadily.

The American Diet does not prohibit any food. The only thing to remember is that it is forbidden to eat after five o’clock in the evening. You can drink as much as you like, but you cannot eat. This condition is mandatory. Fluids should be consumed as much as possible throughout the day. Since it is the liquid that removes accumulated toxins and toxins from the body, cleansing it.

As already mentioned, the American diet permits the consumption of all foods and dishes. Meanwhile, if you ate some very heavy fatty dish, be sure to eat after that a piece of pineapple pulp or half a ripe grapefruit. In addition, if, while sitting on an American diet, you decide that you will eat a certain set of food products, then you need to supplement the diet with vitamin complexes.

When deciding to sit on an American diet, as, in principle, on any other, one must tune in to the fact that from that moment on, life will gradually change for the better, the figure will become slimmer, and the body healthier.

Although there are more restrictive options for the American diet for dieters in the truest sense of the word.

Conditions of the American diet

For two weeks, alcohol and sweets, salt and fresh pastries are prohibited. The following set of certain food products must be observed without changes, since only in this case it is possible to influence the functioning of the systems and organs of the human body. With the American diet, you can drink a maximum of one and a half liters of regular water daily. Such a diet allows you to lose up to eight kilograms of weight in two weeks.

Features of the American diet

Almost the entire amount of weight lost during the period of dieting occurs in the first seven days, in the second week, weight loss is not significant, but allows you to consolidate the result. Spinach and lettuce and celery can be replaced with fresh cabbage leaves, tomatoes can be replaced with freshly squeezed tomato juice.

1st day

On breakfast. Unsweetened black coffee. For lunch. 2 boiled eggs, spinach, one ripe tomato. For dinner. A small piece of lean cooked meat, lettuce with lemon juice.

2nd day

On breakfast. Unsweetened black coffee and one crouton. For lunch. A slice of boiled meat and a vegetable salad. For dinner. A glass of fat-free kefir.

3rd day

On breakfast. Unsweetened black coffee and croutons. For lunch. Celery root fried in olive oil and tomato. For dinner. 2 boiled chicken eggs, a small plate of finely grated carrots, a little cream cheese.

4th day

On breakfast. Unsweetened black coffee. For lunch. Boiled egg, grated fresh carrots, cheese. For dinner. A large portion of fruit salad dressed with low fat yogurt.

5th day

On breakfast. Unsweetened black coffee. For lunch. Medium fish stew. For dinner. Grated carrots with lemon juice.

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