After 40 years, men should be especially attentive to their health

Many people know that the health of the stronger sex after a certain time should be the object of special attention. Despite the fact that men are the stronger sex, they are the most likely to experience heart attacks, strokes and other conditions that can lead to death. Most often, these troubles overtake men after a critical mark of forty years.

A team of specialists from Scotland came to the conclusion that the representatives of the stronger sex after the age of forty should definitely abandon strict diets and limit physical activity of the body. The fact is that it is precisely such moments of the lifestyle that can literally bring a man to the grave. Moreover, the danger lies in wait on the opposite side – if a man leads a sedentary lifestyle, if he is prone to excesses and incontinence in nutrition, this can also significantly shorten his life expectancy.

The authors of the study explain that the midlife crisis is expressed in the representatives of the stronger sex both in physiological changes and in changes of a psychological nature – a man can overestimate life orientations and values, metabolism slows down, signs of certain pathologies begin to appear. If during this period a man begins to exhaust himself with diets or excessive physical exertion, then a risk to his health is not excluded.

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