Acne Caveman Diet – Paleolithic Diet

In 2002, the attention of the scientific community involved in the study of acne was attracted by an article by Professor Loren Cordain (Loren Cordain) on diets with low glycemic load (GN). The complete absence of acne in the populations studied in distant populations in Papua New Guinea and Paraguay was explained by a team of researchers Lindeberg (Lindeberg) compliance with both of these tribes hunter-gatherer diet with low glycemic load (GN). Subsequently, Cordain significantly developed and explained these scientific data, as well as the history of human nutrition with foods with low glycemic load (GN), which was characteristic of our distant ancestors. Its publication is widely known in the medical community and provides the basis for the promotion of nutrition, consisting of products that were available to our ancestors many millions of years ago, even before the advent of refined white flour, sugar and the development of animal husbandry, which led to the regular use of dairy products in the diet. Such food is usually called the caveman’s diet, or Paleolithic, or Paleo diet. Obviously, refusing dairy products combined with a low level of simple carbohydrate intake is a very healthy diet. Positive reviews, the efforts of most of those who follow this diet are worth it, but adherence to any strict diet on an individual basis can be a test. It remains to be seen whether such a diet can be included in measures for primary general population and environmental prevention. Such activities will require major changes in relation to nutrition, entrepreneurship, agricultural practices and manufactured products.

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