5 ways to reduce cholesterol in the blood

If in biology cholesterol is necessary for the structure of the cell wall, then in medicine its excess amount causes many diseases.

A large amount of cholesterol is dangerous, because the blood becomes viscous, clots form, obstacles and serious problems arise for full blood circulation. Natural organic compounds form blood clots that can block the lumen in the blood vessels of the entire hematopoietic system. Vascular blockage is a major factor in many cardiovascular diseases, some of which can cause instant death if a blood clot breaks off.

Of course, pay attention to the pills and the most effective and time-tested ones most often recommended by doctors are Metformin.

Ways to reduce cholesterol without medication

The main option to combat excessive lipid levels is the use of cholesterol–lowering foods.

It is also important to remember that too low an indicator of “useful” cholesterol can provoke a blockage of blood vessels and develop atherosclerosis. This is explained by the fact that this type of cholesterol fights the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. Therefore, if the “good” cholesterol drops, but the “bad” one rises, a dangerous combination will arise that increases the risk of CVD. Since physical activity is the best protection against diseases of the cardiovascular system, it should be increased. Doctors say that sports reduces cholesterol blocks in blood vessels.

Gymnastics, exercise, walking and sports cleanse the blood of fat. And running copes with this best of all. To normalize cholesterol, it is recommended to keep the body in good shape with the help of physical gymnastics in the fresh air, dancing or long walks in the forest or park. A positive and joyful mood increases muscle tone, and at the same time emotional. And this, as you know, has a positive effect on the condition of blood vessels.

For the elderly, it is extremely important to take a walk in the fresh air for at least forty minutes a day. It is necessary to monitor the state of the pulse so that it does not become more frequent.

How to lower cholesterol in the blood: 5 sure ways

Diet. The diet should consist of foods that contain the least cholesterol. It is advisable to completely exclude kidneys, liver, fatty meat, chicken yolks, animal fats, fatty milk.

A quiet life. Stress increases cholesterol in the blood. It has long been proven that people who often experience or have suffered severe stress have vascular or heart diseases

An active lifestyle. Sport removes fats, and running creates a balance between bad and good cholesterol. Running, walking, football, tennis help to lower cholesterol the best.

Normalization of weight. If there is excess weight, then cholesterol increases accordingly.

Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages. This applies only to quality wine. A glass of wine increases the “right” cholesterol, reduces the risk of blood clots.

Quitting smoking. Tobacco increases cholesterol levels, even in minimal amounts. The formation of plaques is affected not only by active, but also by passive smoking.

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