Cleansing diets harm the kidneys

There are countless diets in the world. Diets are strict, soft, mono-diets, liquid and so on. As a rule, each diet has both its pros and cons. The so-called detox diets, or cleansing diets, deserve a separate discussion.

Cleansing diets serve to free the body not only from excess weight, but also from poisonous compounds – toxins and toxins. Due to the growing popularity of this type of diet, American experts decided to study them and found that following such diets can be hazardous to health.

Almost all cleansing diets involve the elimination of so-called junk foods from the diet. It is preferable to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as drink more water. Among other things, cleansing diets are recommended to do enemas to cleanse the intestines.

However, due to such a sharp reduction in the caloric content of food consumed in the body, the concentration of glucose is greatly reduced. Glucose is necessary for the human body to nourish the brain. In addition, glucose is a building material for muscle tissue. With a deficiency of glucose in the body, both the brain and muscle fibers suffer. Cleansing diets have the strongest negative impact on kidney tissue.

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