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The health conscious person tries to engage in sports or more moderate physical activity. But what if at the same time he observes that the excess weight remains in place and all efforts do not give the desired effect? You need to understand everything in detail: with a careful approach, it is easy to identify what you are doing wrong.

Is it all about calories?

We have all heard a lot about the body’s energy batteries – calories. Their deficiency is harmful to the body as well as an excess. To lose weight, many people are blindly addicted to the fashion for reducing calories, thereby depriving the body of the necessary vitamins and energy. Or, conversely, they absorb a large amount of a certain product, unaware of its high calorie content. To determine your own number of required calories per day, you need to consult a dietitian and adhere to the calorie content of food.

Sleep is a friend of weight loss.

It turns out that sleep not only allows you to restore strength, preserve the nervous system and prolong youth, but also helps to fight excess weight. On the contrary, lack of sleep adds extra calories out of nowhere.

And nothing has changed?

If you take these factors into account, but there are still no shifts, you should reconsider your life circumstances: maybe your physical activity has changed since the calorie count was counted. Age also makes its own adjustments to the calorie content of the menu. A particularly pernicious habit is the “seizing” of problems with various snacks. It is necessary to fight against nervous tension, but by completely different means. Otherwise, you get a double blow: you are simply deceiving your psyche and accumulating excess fat. Of particular danger, in addition to the well-known sweets, are carbonated drinks and sugar substitutes. These products are a time bomb made from harmful substances. Soda is addictive like smoking, flushes calcium out of the body, and contributes to obesity. Especially harmful to children.
Another negative side of diets is its compulsion , short duration and imbalance. Considering the latter, one should be glad that few people survive for a long period. Coming out of a diet and returning to a normal diet, the body usually accumulates and even increases the reserves of the fat depot. What if the diet will be repeated? Therefore, such an important step as diet food should be thought of seriously: if you are ready to adhere to a dietary, healthy and balanced diet for many years, not days, then feel free to start it. And good luck!

The psychological problem of losing weight

A huge contribution to weight loss mania is made by advertising and glossy fashion magazines, which present skinny bony beauties as an ideal. Women mistakenly associate success in their careers and personal lives with a narrow waist and bring their time and nerves to the altar of weight loss. Being dissatisfied with yourself initially, you can’t help your figure. Nothing changes if you do not change anything inside. A woman is disappointed in the futility of her efforts, abandons all undertakings, and everything comes back again. A lot of people with ideal body shapes are unhappy, while people with less than ideal shapes are very happy.

Thinking endlessly about calories, dieting and losing weight, a person limits himself to the psychological barrier from enjoying life. It is necessary to honestly answer the question: how necessary is weight loss for me? How much weight or volume do I need to reach? Why do I want this? Very often, dietary adjustments and moderate exercise are more beneficial than grueling diets. The main thing in this business is consistency. If you are sure you want it, make the fight for a fit and good health a way of life, and you will succeed!

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