Nutrition for pressure problems

The researchers concluded that every third adult on earth has some kind of pressure problem. Normal blood pressure is considered indicators from 100/60 to 130/90, all other indicators that do not fall within this interval are considered violations. Indicators that are below 100/60 characterize a person as hypotonic, hypertensive people are considered people whose blood pressure goes beyond 130/90. Problems with blood pressure already speak for themselves that there are some disorders in the human body, and such cases can gradually lead to the development of various diseases. In addition, high and low blood pressure is accompanied by an unpleasant state, dizziness, weakness, headache and nausea. High blood pressure can indicate many cardiovascular diseases and lead to a stroke or heart attack. That is why it is very important to try to keep your blood pressure normal, including through proper nutrition.

Diet for hypertensive patients

For hypertensive patients, there are special dietary recommendations that help reduce blood pressure indicators.

The amount of salt. Hypertensive patients need to reduce the intake of salt and salty foods as much as possible, since salt has the properties of retaining moisture in the body, which contributes to the formation of edema and, consequently, an increase in pressure.

Fried and fatty foods. People with high blood pressure should avoid fatty and fried foods, as they contribute to the appearance of cholesterol, which negatively affects the condition of blood vessels and contributes to the development of hypertension.

Flour and sweet. These foods should also be consumed as infrequently as possible. An excessive amount of carbohydrates in the body contributes to an increase in blood pressure.

We cancel spicy and smoked dishes. The reason for a sharp jump in blood pressure can be the reception of pickled, smoked and spicy dishes.

Caffeine. Coffee and strong tea are the first drinks that are not recommended for people with high blood pressure, because they constrict blood vessels and thereby raise blood pressure.

Alcohol. The maximum permissible alcohol intake for a hypertensive person per day is no more than 50 grams of cognac or 150-200 grams of wine. But this does not mean that they can be consumed in such quantities on a daily basis.

More magnesium and calcium! To normalize blood pressure, it is recommended to use products that contain these trace elements: buckwheat groats, bananas, baked potatoes, dried apricots and fresh apricots.

Viburnum berry. If a hypertensive person makes it a habit to drink tea daily with the addition of fresh, dried or frozen viburnum berries, his blood pressure will gradually normalize.

And it is definitely recommended to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible every day!

Diet for hypotonic patients

If a person has a completely different problem and needs to increase blood pressure, then it is recommended that they adhere to the above diet exactly, and vice versa. That is: take spicy and spicy food that will affect the endocrine glands and constrict blood vessels. Also, salty and fatty dishes are suitable for feeding hypotonics, it is recommended to drink strong tea and coffee daily. But the main thing here is not to overdo it, because the deposition of cholesterol in the body can harm any person!

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