Flu Diet Open

Strengthening the body’s defense in case of flu is a necessary condition for a speedy recovery without any complications. Scientists claim that overeating and strict diets are equally harmful to the immune system. The flu patient’s diet should include meat, rose hips and chocolate.

Studies have shown that the patient must receive an increased amount of protein contained in meat. But people who do not use this product do not need to despair, almost the same proteins contain eggs, milk and dairy products. You can replenish the body with proteins with the help of nuts, which also contain selenium, which strengthens the immune system, and cereals, especially buckwheat is rich in them. The norm of pure protein necessary for a person is 50 g per day. 

Rosehip nourishes the body with vitamin C, which is necessary to fight viruses. Suffice it to say that in the body of a person who has the flu, the concentration of this vitamin should be increased by 7 times. In addition to rose hips, a lot of vitamin C is found in citrus fruits, so experts advise starting the day with a glass of warm water with lemon juice. Beverage with brewed dried fruit and lime color will be useful. In this case, you must be very careful with multivitamin preparations, especially those that contain vitamins A, D, E, K, which can cause hypervitaminosis at elevated concentrations.

Dark chocolate, which doctors advise, contains flavonoids that perfectly support the immune system, which fights viruses. Therefore, you need to eat chocolate containing the maximum amount of cocoa, which contains these substances. For sweets, you can also use honey, blackcurrant jam and viburnum. But in no case should you exceed the norm of consumption of confectionery products. It is 30 g per day. 

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