Fasting day

Most of the fairer sex believe that the menu for a fasting day is a kind of “magic wand” that helps to return their figure to its previous shape and normal weight after participating in an uncontrolled gastronomic binge in extremely fast terms. And this is by no means a delusion. Indeed, there is a menu of fasting days and diets that allow you to lose 3.5 kg or more of excess weight in a very short time.

When choosing products for the fasting day menu for weight loss, you must be guided by your tastes in terms of food, and the desired result. For example, unpopular cucumbers can please with an impressive result – weight loss of up to 3.5 kg, and unloading on buckwheat can only get rid of one and a half kilograms per day.

Are fasting days good for you?

Fasting days are usually shown in three cases:

• if a person overeats and physically experiences the effect of gluttony;

• is the final stage of a long-term diet or detox program;

• for self-control of weight, prevention of overweight development.

It cannot be argued that this or that fasting day menu is more suitable for these purposes, and the rest are less suitable for others. When choosing a way to get rid of excess weight, you need to rely on your dietary preferences. In particular, if you don’t like buckwheat, choose a menu for a protein-unloading day, if you cannot imagine a day without vegetables, then you can give preference to unloading on cucumbers, etc.

You can also be guided by the fact that if you need to part with the maximum possible excess weight, it is better to give preference to cucumbers or apples. But it is important to understand that weight loss, therefore, is not due to the loss of fat, but 95% of the loss of excess fluid and accumulated “food waste” (toxins, undigested food that has accumulated in the intestines, products from the breakdown of substances).

Fasting day on vegetables, menu of one day

The popularity of unloading on cucumbers, and of the cucumber diet itself, is due to two unique properties of this juicy vegetable – it is low in calories and the presence of tartronic acid in it. This acid significantly slows down the conversion of carbohydrates into fat cells. In view of the fact that on a cucumber diet one day you can lose 3.5 kg, then it can be called the most effective unloading.

The fasting day on fresh cucumbers is the lowest in calorie content, as a rule, the daily intake does not exceed 300 calories. Therefore, it is better to spend the whole day at home, without torturing yourself with mental or physical stress.

The most obvious advantage of unloading cucumber is its high efficiency, sometimes it is possible to get rid of 3.5 kg of excess weight.

Menu for one day. Break 1.5 kg of fresh cucumbers into 5-6 receptions. But their use should be salt-free , not seasoned with sauces and spices, you can add only 1-2 tbsp. tablespoons of bran and 2 whole eggs.

Apples for unloading

European microbiologists have proven that if apples are often consumed, then a special type of bacteria increases in the intestines , helping to prevent decay processes, and high-quality assimilation of food. Consequently, “food waste” is not formed, which acts as a direct prevention of the appearance of extra pounds. And colleagues from America in the study found that women who eat 3 apples every day lose weight faster, in contrast to those who exclude this fruit from their daily diet.

Most professional nutritionists recommend, in addition to fresh fruit, to eat baked fruit during unloading.

These fruits not only saturate the body with vitamins and iron, but also reduce the concentration of “bad” cholesterol. In addition, thanks to the flavonoids quartcetin and naringin , which are found in excess in apples, it is possible to prevent the development of malignant tumors. The disadvantage of the apple diet is the special property of apples.

To arrange a fasting day, you need to stock up on 1.8 kg of sour apples or other neutral varieties. Throughout the day, you need to use the following formula: if hunger prevails, you need to eat an apple, and if you don’t want it, then the person is not hungry. In addition to apples, you should drink 1.5 liters of non-carbonated pure water daily.

Unloading on kefir

The most popular type of detox and relief is this one . Every woman at least once in her life had to “sit” on a kefir diet. This fermented milk drink helps to lose 2 kg of excess weight and restore normal bowel function.

Since kefir is a liquid, on the day of unloading it is not at all necessary to drink 8 “cherished” glasses of water. You can limit yourself to two and a half glasses of still mineral water.

Kefir is considered a healthy drink for both weight loss and health. Thanks to this fermented milk drink, pressure, microflora in the intestines are normalized, and caries is prevented. Also, its use is recommended for the prevention of breast cancer. Of the disadvantages of this type of unloading, only a laxative effect should be distinguished, therefore on this day it is better to refuse long trips, meetings with partners. It is necessary to arrange a fasting day during pregnancy with a menu based on kefir with extreme caution and under the supervision of a specialist.

During kefir unloading, you need to drink one and a half liters of low-fat kefir, which should be divided into 5-6 doses. Those. after 2-3 hours you need to drink one glass of this drink.

Fasting days on buckwheat

Each buckwheat nucleolus is rich in a useful complex of vitamins and minerals. A mono-diet (even a one-day diet) introduces a serious imbalance in the body. But this does not apply to unloading on buckwheat, since the imbalance is not too serious.

The main difference between a fasting day on buckwheat is how this cereal is prepared. You don’t need to cook it at all. The groats should be poured. In particular, in the evening one part of the cereal is poured with two parts of boiling water, and in the morning to eat. For a fasting day and a buckwheat diet, only “unground” – whole grain can be used.

Thus, everyone can choose their own fasting day, and the menu options are presented above. A fasting day for pregnant women, the menu for the day should be selected by a doctor who leads the pregnancy, taking into account all the characteristics of the body.

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